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Fighting back against the scammers

Fighting back against the scammers

What if the scammer threatens me?

Some scammers may suspect who wrote the anonymous complaints online. However, if the scammer has many victims, it will be very likely he or she will have no idea who wrote the anonymous complaints. If you have published your report anonymously, then no one can accuse if they have no evidence.

Remember, scammers want the easy life and most are usually lazy people who don’t like to work hard. Most of them just want to steal money from honest people. Their greatest fear is to spend many years in jail. The goal of the scammer is get rich quick scamming other people and then disappear to a place where nobody knows who they are, so they can retire and live the good life.

Most scammers want to live the good life and are afraid of long term jail sentences. Most scammers are also aware that financial crimes in the US usually receive few severe sentences, compared to other violent or drug related criminals. The goal of the scammer is to get rich easily and to live the good life, not spend his or her life in prison. For this reason, most scammers stick to financial crimes, and rarely venture to violent crimes because they know that a violent crime can lead to a long prison sentence of 20 years.

Now compare this to a sentence of only 3 to 6 months for orchestrating a credit card scam. For this reason, you shouldn’t worry too much about a scammer trying to physically hurt you. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. There are also scammers who are also violent criminals.

If you suspect that the person who has scammed you is a violent person, please feel free to go to your local police department and file a complaint if he or she threatens you for any reason. If you are threatened by a scammer or his accomplices, you have the right to go to the local police station and inform the authorities that you have been threatened by the fraudster or his or her accomplices.

For example, if the scammer sends you an email saying that he or she will physically harm you or called you and threatens you (for example, tells you "I'll kill you", etc.) try to record the conversation and then show this to the police immediately. The police can put a restraining order against the scammer if there is ample evidence that he or she has threatened you.

Note: If possible, buy a phone recorder so you can record conversations with the scammer. You can also save email messages received from the scammer. You can also ask anyone who witnessed the threat to testify in court as evidence. If a friend or family member was also threatened by the scammer, they can testify in court that they were also threatened by the scammer.

In addition, in any future court case, this evidence can also affect the chances of the scammer winning a case against you, especially if he or she has threatened you with physical harm. You should also inform your family members if a scammer has threatened you. In most states of the United States it is also legal to have a gun registered at home.

However, you must first obtain a gun license in your jurisdiction. You may be able to use a registered weapon at home in self-defense, but only with a gun license. Remember that you can only use a gun in self-defense, this is the law. If you are interested in obtaining a gun license please contact your local police department for more information. Each jurisdiction is different and some states and countries have different laws on the right to own a gun. Remember that your first goal is to defend your family.

Can I post flyers in my local area and expose a person who scammed me?

Yes, if you wish, you can post flyers at your local supermarket, laundry, etc. and warn people of a scam artist in your local area. Flyers are relatively cheap to make and distribute. However, remember that flyers, like most traditional media, have only a local reach.

While this may help warn people living in your area, people living in other states and countries will not be able to see your flyer. This is why the Internet is the most efficient and most powerful medium in the world. A complaint on the Internet exposing a scammer, will be viewed by people all over the world, not just in your local city.

However, if you think that a scammer is targeting people in your own neighborhood, then putting some flyers in your local supermarkets is not a bad idea because it may be able to save some people from being scammed. You can easily create a flyer in Microsoft Word, print it and post it in your local supermarket.

Printing a couple of flyers does not cost much and it can help warn many people in your community from an unscrupulous scam artist. But remember that the scammer can go to another country and continue scamming people. For that reason, do not forget that the long arm of the Internet is the best weapon to combat these spineless scammers. And since the Internet is global, it is the worst nightmare for the scammers.

Unless they can travel to another planet, they can’t escape the long arm of the Internet. But of course if you want to warn your local community from a scam artist then posting a few flyers won’t hurt. However, if you decide to do this, I suggest that you do so anonymously. Do not write your name or any personal information on the flyer. Be anonymous and just stick to the facts.


Do not be afraid of scammers. We must all stand united against financial criminals who seek to harm our society. If we are not united against the scam artists, then they will continue to cause much harm to our society. Remember, if you are telling the truth, the law is on your side, and you have nothing to fear.

And in the future, always try to obtain a photo of an individual before making any high risk business venture with that person. Maybe you can take a picture with that person before risking any money. Now with everyone taking selfies with their smartphones, who doesn’t take a few pictures right? You never know if someday that picture may be useful to help expose a scammer!

This YouTube video shows how big the problem of fraud is in our world. Did you know that the financial crisis of 2008 in the United States was caused mainly by bank fraud? This is the sad reality. Dishonesty, fraud and corruption cause so much harm to our society. Watch this video to see why fraud and corruption hurts our global society:

Always remember that it is better to be cautious and protect yourself from scams. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. If something sounds too good to be true, that’s probably because it is just a scam. If someone tells you that you can make easy money without doing anything, be cautious. Easy money does not exist without someone getting hurt.

Honest money only comes from honest work. Unfortunately, due to the global recession, scams are increasing as never before. Around the world people are being targeted by unscrupulous scammers who do not care about the welfare of our society.

See this YouTube video showing consumers how to protect themselves from scams:

Always keep your guard high, never trust strangers and do not forget that knowledge is power. Remember, the Internet is always there if you need it. And believe me, when the scammer finds his or her picture floating around the internet with the words "scammer" next to his or her photo, they will be filled with shame!

And that's the goal. To bring some justice to the victims!

Unity is strength! Join us in standing together against the scammers! And hopefully in the end justice will prevail and all the scammers will end up in jail where they belong!

Thank you and good luck,
Justice Jeremiah

Watch this shocking YouTube video exposing financial corruption after the financial crisis of 2008:


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