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How victims are using the Internet to expose the scammers

How victims are using the Internet to expose the scammers

Before the Internet Era, scammers had it much easier. 20 years ago, a scam artist could easily swindle many people in one area and then move to a different state or country and start from scratch. Then they could find new victims and repeat the whole process over and over again. Many could get rich doing this and never face justice.

Whenever their reputation was damaged in one area, they would simply move to another place where no one knows who they are and they would start finding new victims. For example, a fraudster in Florida could move to New York and start from scratch.

Those were the good times for many scammers. Many became very wealthy and never had to experience any global shame because they could always find a place where no one knew the swindler they were, and they could retire rich with stolen money.

In other words, they could live the good life in a place where no one suspects the trash they really are. By changing their names (or names of their companies) and their phone numbers, these thieves could live peacefully without ever facing any justice or any shame.

Now the Internet changes everything

But now it's 2016 and times have changed. Today we live in the age of the Internet. Facebook is used by almost one billion people worldwide. The world population from 2016 stands at around 7 billion people in the world. Of these, more than 2 billion people use the Internet. This means that almost 2 out of every 7 people in the world use the Internet!

Today a swindler no longer has the advantage of picking up his (or her) bags and moving to another country and starting from scratch. Now with the Internet, it is easy to publish a photo and the actual legal name of a swindler.

And although many scammers use fake names, one photo of a fraudster can do the trick. With just one picture, anyone can expose a scammer and ruin their reputation all over the world. The image of a scammer on the Internet will be available to millions of people all over the world in almost all cities, states, and countries.

Now, the scammer can’t escape the shame and the humiliation. A reputation ruined on the Internet will make it much more difficult for them to scam other people. In addition, there are many free websites like, which are very popular, and are dedicated to helping victims of scams report scam artists. The old days when they could run to a new place and start from "zero" is over! Shame on them!

*But do not feel bad for them. Remember that scammers have no mercy when they steal from innocent people. At the very least, they should pay with humiliation and shame.

The results:

With a damaged reputation online, it will be harder for a fraudster to get a job, to do business, to get loans, to scam new victims, etc. This way you will be helping to safeguard other people and families from financial and emotional damage.

They don’t say that technology is the future for any reason. It is true that technology is changing the world. Today many people marry people they meet online. But the Internet has not only created opportunities for people to find love, it has also created opportunities for the police to find criminals and bring justice. Some people use the Internet to sell products successfully. And now anyone can use the Internet to expose a scam artist and ruin their reputation!

Charles Ponzi, one of the worst scammers in all history. He is considered the father of the infamous Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme. This photo is an original photo of Charles Ponzi after being arrested for fraud. For more information about the shocking story of Charles Ponzi feel free to visit:

Public Domain Photo

This YouTube video shows the story behind Charles Ponzi and other pyramid schemes that defrauded many people around the world:

Today have a bad reputation on the Internet can be devastating for anyone. Example: Many business managers now make Google searches before hiring someone. For example, say John Doe of Texas has applied for a job at a local bank Bank of America. The manager has interviewed John Doe and so far everything looks good.

However, the manager also does a search on Google (the most popular search engine) to see if John Doe has a "bad reputation" on the Internet. The manager also views John Doe’s Facebook profile to see if there is anything suspicious. If the manager finds any negative information, then it is likely that the manager will not hire John Doe.

Now if John Doe does not have anything negative in his past, his chances of being hired are much better. In short, today having a bad reputation on the internet can hinder your chances when applying for some jobs.

Every day this happens. More and more companies are doing "investigations" on the Internet before hiring new staff. This means that today having a good reputation on the "Internet" is very important to land a good job, to do business with people, for socializing, etc. A bad reputation on the internet won’t help at all and can even make a person’s life a nightmare.

In another example, let’s say a car dealership in California called Cali Auto Dealer is listed on Any customer can go to and leave a comment about their experience with Cali Auto Dealer. If a person bought a car from this dealer and they feel that they were deceived, this person can leave a bad review for Cali Auto Dealer on Any customer can leave a comment anonymously.

If Cali Auto Dealer has many good reviews, his business will grow. However, if Cali Auto Dealer has many bad reviews or complaints, his business can fall apart. This is the reason why today having a good reputation on the Internet is essential for any company that wants to succeed in the long run. If a company gets too many bad reviews, they will lose more and more customers, which can even lead to the eventual bankruptcy of the company. is just one example. There are many websites similar to on the Internet that allow consumers to leave comments about their experiences with a certain business. Other popular websites like where you can also leave comments about businesses or individual entrepreneurs are:,, http: //, and many more.

So today, the reputation of a company, individual or any business on the Internet is very important to maintain a positive image in society. Not only for individuals but also for businesses. This is a powerful weapon that can be used against someone who has scammed you.

If you sue a scam artist in court and you could not recover any of your lost money, or you do not have the resources to hire a lawyer, or you lack enough evidence to win a case, or the con artist is very agile and knows how to hide his wealth from the courts, remember, you can always use the Internet to bring some sweet justice!

Don’t let these thieves get away with it. Don’t let them move to another place and start from zero. Even if you have no chance of recovering your money, at least ensure that the scammer will struggle to scam other people.

Remember that many families suffer every day because of unscrupulous scammers who don’t care if they leave people in poverty. We all know that many scammers deceive many people. In general, they don’t just victimize one person. They usually target many people. They go on and on and scamming many different people and often in the very same way.

If we do nothing to stop these scammers, our global society will continue to suffer from the hands of these heartless scammers. The Internet is the key to bring some justice. The least we can do is help others so they won’t suffer the same fate. Don’t stand there with your arms folded. 

You have the powerful Internet in your hands. And nothing can stop it: besides, the Internet is cheap or even free in some places. In the next post I will cover why it’s important that victims of scammers warn the public for the betterment of society.

Until next time,
Justice Jeremiah

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